100 KWH Per Day from Solar Panels

How To Calculate A Solar Panel System Size to Make 100KWH Per Day:

A common amount of electricity that a reasonable sized home consumes can easily be around 100kwh per day.  This would also equal 3000 KWH per month of total electricity use. In order to understand the amount of solar panels that would be needed to accommodate this type of solar system, we can do some math and figure it out.  There are going to be some variables that we need to understand in order to complete the solar equation, but you can help and fill in those numbers with the numbers specific to your house and area.

Solar System Variables to Calculate System Size:

  1. Location’s Average Sunlight Hours Per Day
  2. Solar Panel Efficiency Ratings
  3. Angle of Solar Panels Towards the Sun
  4. Percentage of Shading on Panels

The Calculation to Figure out 100 KW Per Day:

100kwh/day = Sunlight Hours per day * Average output per hour

So, lets use an example of 5 hours of average sunlight per day.

Let’s also use 20kw per hour of average output when there is those 5 hours of sunlight

So:  100kwh/day = 5 hours of sunlight * 20 kw per hour from the solar panels

Next, lets figure out how many solar panels we need to make 20 kwh of electricity each hour

To do this part of the equation, it is a little more complicated.

To get started, we need to decide what size solar panels we are going to be using.  Lets use for an example the Sanyo 200 watt solar panels.  Actually, the 200 watt number is what is important.

With doing simple math, 20 kw is equal to 20,000 watts.  This would mean that we would need 100 of the Sanyo 200 watt solar panels to produce exactly 20 kwh in one hour if the panels were running at 100% efficiency and there was no energy loss when converting from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).

(So far, we should realize that with the above variables, we are not going to be able to make the 100KWH with just 100 solar panels, because there is always going to be some sort of energy loss.  If we figure that there is going to be about a 15% energy loss, it would actually mean that if we had about 120 solar panels that were 200 watts each, we could then make the 100 kwh/day that we are looking for.

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